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The Georgian Terrace Improves Operations, Enhances the Guest Experience with Smartconcierge Ivy

By 16 August 2019April 21st, 2021No Comments

An article written by Hotel Technology News tells of The Georgian Terrace in Atlanta adding Ivy to help improve customer experiences and engagement.

The Georgian Terrace improves operations, enhances the guest experience with Ivy digital concierge

Here’s an extract from the article.


Ivy communicates with guests and provides them with personalized and near instant service through text messaging. The AI-powered smartconcierge uses guest intelligence data to understand behaviors and responds naturally to questions for guest service, housekeeping, F&B service, and anything that would typically be addressed to the front desk.

Ivy’s technology is so intuitive that guests feel as if they are messaging with a real hotel staff member. At its heart, the advanced technology solution was developed as a hybrid model, automating activities that allow your staff more time to engage with guests.

The Georgian Terrace delivers a brand of service rarely found, even in the South. Clearly, the quality of that service is enhanced with an AI-powered smartconcierge as part of the guest experience.


The full article is published here:

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