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Reopening Smart: How to Build Trust With Guests Before They Arrive

By 18 May 2020June 4th, 2021No Comments

As travelers emerge from their homes and get back on the road, they’re likely to carry new expectations and concerns in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The unprecedented crisis not only encouraged people to practice social distancing, but has also decreased trust in many traditional institutions. The paradigm has shifted, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing — it just means that businesses need to adapt to thrive in a new world.

For hotels and the hospitality industry, one of the most post-COVID important tasks will be building trust with their guests. After spending months cooped up at home, guests will be excited to resume traveling yet hesitant to put themselves or their families at risk. Hotels can build trust and make guests feel more comfortable by keeping them informed on the status of COVID-19 in their communities and up-to-date on what measures the hotel is taking to prevent the spread of disease. Guests will expect changes to both hotel policies and local laws, and they’ll appreciate any guidance the hotel can provide.

Of course, the best hotels won’t just do their best to put their guests’ minds at ease once they’ve checked-in. Instead, they’ll be in regular communication with guests before they’ve even arrived. If your property offers express or contactless check-in, it’s wise to share check-in details prior to arrival. You may also wish to communicate the steps you’re taking to ensure cleanliness and proper social distancing, such as changes to F&B service, housekeeping schedules, and other on-site amenities. Finally, if lots of your guests choose to stay at your property due to its proximity to a nearby business, attraction or transportation hub, it would be helpful to inform guests about any changes to their operational procedures.

The easiest way to implement pre-arrival messaging is via an AI-enabled guest communication platform like Ivy. Working hand-in-hand with your PMS, Ivy can automatically send text messages to guests before, during and after their stay, while also connecting the guest directly with a staff member when they’re in need of further assistance. This two-pronged approach ensures that guests receive all the information they need prior to arrival, while also creating space to connect directly with the staff. By leveraging Ivy’s pre-arrival messaging feature, you’ll help guests to feel at ease before they’ve even left home.