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It’s official: Ivy is going places!

By 17 September 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

It’s official: Ivy is going places!

All company announcements are special; this one is even more so. 

We’ve worked on this for 5 years. 

Our smartconcierge, Ivy®, is now integrated with the Choice Hotels’ web-based property management system, choiceADVANTAGE, powered by the SkyTouch/CONNECT integration platform.

Ivy is the world’s first smartconcierge who makes guests feel safe and delighted. 20 million guests have met Ivy already. 

The right time 

Now more than ever, Ivy can make a difference. A recent study asked people what would make them feel safe at a hotel. 78% said contactless interactions. 

This is precisely what Ivy does – makes it simple for hotels to quickly adopt contactless hospitality and promote social distancing practices without sacrificing service.

If you’re familiar with Ivy already and want to hear more about this integration and how you can start on this, sign up here and we’ll be in touch:

Several Choice properties have already brought Ivy into their hotels. 

We could tell you about the difference Ivy is making, but hear it directly from Mayur Patel, general manager of The Black Swan, Lee – Lenox, Ascend Hotel Collection: “Ivy has made it easier to resolve guests’ problems immediately rather than at check-out. We’ve also seen positive results among happy guests who have shared their experiences on TripAdvisor!”

Don’t know about Ivy?

Why do Patel and several other GMs (ask us for the testimonials, we’ll be happy to share!) like Ivy? Take a look at the benefits Ivy brings to the table:

  • Ivy makes guests feel welcomed:  Hotel guests feel that they are communicating in real-time with a hotel staff member thanks to Ivy’s intuitive technology. Often, they ask to meet Ivy – or leave reviews for Ivy. “…concierge Ivy is the best. She [is] always available 24/7…to answer any question even at 2am in the morning!
  • Ivy makes guests feel safe: Our contactless technology caters directly to what your guests are asking for in this climate. Remember that study? 
  • Enhances opportunities to increase revenues: From pre-check-in to check-out, Ivy provides conveniences like fulfilling guest requests, booking restaurant reservations, and accessing offers that enhance the guest experience anywhere, any time. 
  • Improved staff efficiency and operations: Via text messaging and other communication channels, Ivy answers common guest inquiries like “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” in less than one second, reducing calls and disruptions to the hotel staff. 

We take away the stress from the front desk operations and free staff time and focus on tasks that can’t be automated.

With Ivy, as a Choice property, you can potentially boost your likelihood-to-recommend (LTR) scores. This metric is a strong indicator of the quality of the guest experience and the property’s overall wellbeing. 

By providing instant, personalized service and enhancing the staff’s ability to address guest concerns, Ivy consistently helps to improve LTR scores.

Want to hear more? 

Drop Jennifer Suski a message on LinkedIn.