Go Moment is now part of Revinate

Revinate, a leader in omni-channel direct booking platforms for the hospitality industry, announced today it has acquired Go Moment, an AI driven, commerce-enabled messaging solutions provider for the hospitality industry. 

The combined company will be called Revinate.

Frequently Asked Questions about the acquisition

Who is Revinate?

Revinate is one of the global leaders in CDP driven direct booking platform that cultivates intelligent and  deeper guest experience driving revenue and profitability for hoteliers. Founded in 2009, Revinate counts tens of thousands of the world’s leading hotels as customers and has won numerous awards for its software as a service (SaaS) solution, including 2018, 2019 and 2020 Top Rated Email Marketing and CRM Product by Hotel Tech Report. For more information, visit www.revinate.com.

Tell me more about the acquisition?

Revinate is acquiring Go Moment. 

We are joining hands to deliver on our commitment to drive increased direct revenue and profits to hotels. 

We are building our hospitality industry’s most innovative CDP driven, omnichannel direct booking platform yet. With our solutions, hotels can implement personalized campaigns that deepen their relationships with guests and engage with them on their entire journey. 

The combined company will have offices in San Francisco, Bend, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

I am a Go Moment customer. Will my relationship with you change?

It is business as usual. 

We are not introducing any product, pricing or service changes in the immediate future. We will continue to deliver the same services. 

Your customer success manager and how you interact with them will also not change. Please connect with them as needed through the established support channels that you are used to. 

In the near future, our partnership with Revinate will in fact unlock more innovative solutions through our joint product roadmap. You can also access round-the-clock customer support that comes from multiple geographic locations. You will definitely hear more from us about these developments.

I am a Revinate customer. What will happen to my products?

As a Revinate customer, your solution will not be affected by this acquisition. You should expect the same level of service or better as we continue to accelerate our innovation roadmap. We plan to keep products, services and pricing the same as per your existing agreement. There are no changes to how you interact with your account and/or the Revinate team. You can also expect a continued commitment by Revinate to provide faster and more innovative solutions to enable hoteliers to grow direct revenue capabilities with improved profits.

How will this affect the Revinate/Go Moment product roadmap in the future?

As we move forward, our focus remains solely on delivering the most effective omnichannel direct booking platform yet. We want to work with you to scale your direct revenue and profits. 

We look forward to sharing more information about our combined product innovations down the road. 

Who should I contact for support or service?

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at support@revinate.com or customersuccess@gomoment.com. Or, connect with your Revinate or Go Moment representative. We are here to listen.