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Go Moment Upgrades Its Hotel Guest Engagement Analytics Capabilities

By 8 January 2019April 21st, 2021No Comments

An article written by Hotel Technology News advocating for the capabilities that Ivy has in customer engagement, satisfaction, and response times.

Ivy digital concierge upgrades its hotel guest engagment analytics capabilties

Here’s an extract from the article.


The idea of being able to automatically engage with guests in real time using artificial intelligence (AI) is now reality, thanks to the advent of new technologies such as digital personal assistants that proactively communicate with hotel guests via text messaging and voice-based chatbots. One of the companies leading the charge is Go Moment,…


According to the company, the business intelligence and analytics capabilities give hoteliers unprecedented visibility into guest engagement and communications at scale. Hoteliers get an immediate snapshot of guest issues, which then influences hotel operations and evolves the guest experience by proactively reducing unanticipated or unaddressed guest service concerns.


The full article is published here:

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