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Hey, Alexa, Are Voice Commands The Future Of The Customer Service Experience?

By 8 September 2018April 21st, 2021No Comments

Micah Solomon, customer experience consultant and senior contributor at Forbes, advocates that the future of customer service experiences lies with AI.

Micah Solomon, customer experience consultant at Forbes

He quotes Raj Singh and notes him as the creator of Ivy and CEO of Go Moment.

Here’s an extract from the article.


Raj Singh, President and CEO of Go Moment, the creator Ivy, makes a broader point: “One of the most important factors in making these technologies successful is to make sure they ‘know what they don’t know’—that they’re designed to bow out either when the speech detection isn’t sufficiently solid or the concepts being articulated call for human intervention–for example, in our hospitality context, a guest who is upset with service and really needs care and comfort from a hotel manager rather than a simulated human interacting with them over a speaker.”


The full article is published here:

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