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Hospitality Tech | Hospitality’s Not-So-Distant Future

By 4 January 2021April 28th, 2021No Comments

What are the most important aspects of customer service?

Hospitality tech vendor Go Moment

Michal Christine Escobar, Senior Editor (Hotels) reviews hotel technology that is considered cutting edge today and will be standard operating procedure soon.

And he mentions our CEO, Raj Singh talking about the changing the perception of the impact of contactless technology on guest experiences.

Here’s an extract from the article.


Technology in hotels is not to remove the ‘people’ aspect, but to allow the guest to customize their stay to match their preferences.”

Raj Singh, CEO, Go Moment couldn’t agree more.

“Right now, within the hotel industry we define guest experiences based on how closely they’re tied to human contact,” Singh says. “Warmth and personalized interactions translates into more deeply satisfied guests. Contactless technology makes us question that. But as an industry, we need to rethink interactions and how guests look at satisfaction, luxury, and overall hospitality. Contactless technology doesn’t diminish guest experience or render hotel staff unnecessary. It redefines both in meaningful ways. Contactless technology will move from a nice-to-have to being a central tool in a hotel’s technology stack. As central as a PMS is today.”


The full article is published here: