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Forbes | A Once-A-Generation Chance To Innovate

By 16 November 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

Can we possibly find growth opportunities despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic?


Digital concierges are present across all industries

Micah Solomon, customer experience consultant and senior contributor at Forbes, pushes beyond the difficult physical and economic difficulties of the moment to look at growth opportunities.

And he mentions Ivy from Go Moment as an example of what is available for hotels today.

Here’s an extract from the article.


…for some of us running businesses–those who have even a bit of spare bandwidth–this unrelenting crisis is also available, by turning our lenses slightly askew and glimpsing the possibility) as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for customer experience (CX) and customer service innovation.

Some companies (including, in some cases, customer experience consulting clients of mine and of my firm), have been making changes that include technical upgrades (hotels that are now delving into touchless systems like Ivy from Go Moment; B2B and B2C companies at long last introducing MyAccount functionality for their customers) as well as sweeping procedural changes (including some truly massive contact centers that are now finally embracing, rather than grudgingly going along with, WFH).


The full article is published here: