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In the Spotlight #1: H&F Redefined

By 17 December 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

A Hotel Moment series.

Despite the year that this has been, we know we have a lot to be thankful for.

Over the next two weeks, at Hotel Moment, we are turning the spotlight on people in the hospitality industry who have helped others around them shine In The Spotlight series.

Jennifer Suski

Meet Gladi & Laura.
When these two seasoned hospitality event professionals and best friends were furloughed within a week of each other, they teamed up to create H&F Redefined.

H&F Redefined is a promotional network supporting colleagues and peers from the hospitality industry who found themselves in a similar scenario as Gladi and Laura.

The platform encourages people who have been furloughed or have been laid-off and have chosen to redefine their lives by creating a new brand, business, blog of their own. People who choose to grow their side hustles, or build a business around an old skill are “innovators” on H&F Redefined.

Gladi and Laura work as the innovators’ PR team or their hype team. They interview them, craft their stories, feature them on the platform – creating a news story link that innovators can then reference for future PR and media.

Some excerpts from my conversation with them –

What sparked the idea for this company?
When we were furloughed, we saw a few peers develop brands, or YouTube channels, or blogs, and became their own biggest cheerleaders. We realised that we needed to build our OWN brand, focused on this inspiring community of Innovators, and self-starters.

We believe that anyone who can dig deep, rise above the chaos of this pandemic and take matters into their own hands to redefine their lives on their own terms, should be applauded. So we started writing, and it just started flowing.

Why should people work on building their own brand?
This year we learned that sometimes the unthinkable can truly happen. It’s important to build something that we can organically flex as needed – depending on outcome of the furlough. If we get the foundation and mechanics in place now, we can scale it down if we get recalled. Or run with it if we get laid off.

What about people who may still want to stick with hospitality?
Hospitality is not going away – the vehicles to execute our craft has dissipated for now. We’re asking people to build their own vehicle. Hospitality requires diverse skills to be successful. We need to analyze our job, determine the favorite aspects, and roll it into our own product or service.

What are some new directions people in hospitality have been taking?
We represent an interior design business, a cooking show on YouTube, a Realtor, a DIY lifestyle brand, a copywriter & blogger, a charcuterie board artist, an educational mixology channel on YouTube, a kids farm, a macrame Etsy shop, a tablescape designer, a cosmetologist, and photographers – the list goes on.

I hope the diversity of our innovators inspires others to take the chance themselves.

Why do you think more people don’t take their passions seriously?
I think it’s a fear of getting started and simply a lack of confidence. Probably there’s also a lot of misconception about how people need to know how to do x, y, z before jumping off.

I hope we all walk away from this pandemic knowing that professionally we all have the ability to turn our careers into whatever we want them to be.

What’s the cost associated with all of this?
As of now, H&F Redefined services are complimentary. We are building the foundation of a brand that is focused on passion, and hence GOOD work is more important than monetizing it. Also, our innovators are in financial hardship just like us. Asking for a fee then to share their story goes against the grain of what we stand for.

How can someone connect with you to get started?
People who want to be featured on can complete a submission form on the bottom of the home page. We are also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.