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In the Spotlight #2: Six Figure Profession

By 22 December 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

A Hotel Moment series

Despite the year that this has been, we know we have a lot to be thankful for. 

Over the next two weeks, at Hotel Moment, we are turning the spotlight on people in the hospitality industry who have helped others around them shine In The Spotlight series.

-Jennifer Suski 

Meet Anthony Valente and Six Figure Profession.

When Anthony was laid off from his Director of Catering and Conference Services role  in March 2020, he didn’t spend time blaming COVID-19 for the turn of events.  Instead he decided to change industries and Six Figure Profession (6FP).

Six Figure Profession is a training and development platform that was created by former executives who had either been laid off or whose businesses had closed due to economic conditions beyond their control.  The founders each brought with them a wide set of transferable skills and experience in sales, marketing, team management, entrepreneurial endeavors and start-ups.They set out to help others pivot and find success in a new industry.

With the global pandemic raging, one of the founders reached out to other hospitality industry colleagues knowing that many were struggling out there and were seeking stability in income and job security.

Some excerpts from my conversation with Anthony:

Why do you think hoteliers are a good fit for this program?

I’m a hotelier myself. I had to think of a way I could give back and help colleagues who were looking for a lifeline just like I was. An industry colleague and co-founder of Six Figure Profession reached out shortly after I was let go.  He offered his help and explained why people in our industry were able to pivot relatively easily given our skills and experience.  

Hospitality people have skills that are important and valuable – a strong work ethic, an ability to talk to people and dedication to their team succeeding. At 6FP, these are the qualities that we look for in partners to build a business that could set them up for life financially.  

Do you have an ideal person in mind for this program?

Someone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and realize that although this is a different industry, their skills and experience are very useful and applicable. Having a bit of entrepreneurial curiosity, a passion for helping others, being part of a team, being open coaching and working hard is fundamental to success here. 

It is a commission based opportunity and that can be nerve-wracking. Our process is simple in that it’s duplicatable and we are here to coach people every step of the way.  We offer comprehensive training, weekly team calls and one on one mentorship.

What is the commitment?

That is the best part. People are accountable to themselves and can invest the time their schedule allows. We’re with them to help and then to celebrate as they achieve their goals! 

We have members on our team that work 5-10 hours a week and earn a supplemental income each month. I work 20-30 hours a week to build quicker and replace significant income over time

Can people work with you on this program while waiting to get back into hospitality?

Absolutely!  What is exciting here is that it can ultimately provide consistent passive residual income as well. People earn an income every month for work they’ve done in the past.

Having made this transition, what’s one thing you want others to know?

I’d encourage people to be open to new and different opportunities. I learned the importance of being prepared for the unexpected and the power of having multiple streams of income.  I hope we never have to go through another year like 2020, but I want to help people be prepared just in case.  


Connect with Anthony Valente on LinkedIn if you’d like more information.