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Ivy is a 24-hour virtual concierge service that smooths the stay of guests at hotels (Raj Singh)

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Arun Rao, Editor of Voicelandia, Google Homeworld, and Starbutter, interviews Raj Singh, CEO of Go Moment, to get a better understanding of Ivy and what she can do for the hospitality industry.


african american woman waiting on a response from Ivy digital concierge for a late checkout

Here’s an extract from the article.


Ivy is available in more than 6,000 rooms within Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Resorts, including Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Ivy can check guests in and check them out, and also check in with guests mid-stay to see if they have problems (and “execute real-time guest recovery” as hotel insiders say). Ivy helps hotels improve their guest experience while improving speed and efficiency for desk staff.


What was the original design vision for your bot? Does it have one or two clear functions, or many?

I took the approach of “we don’t know what the market wants” — so we studied the customer behaviour. I worked in service of the guest experience and did primary research on pain points. Hotels tend to have spiky demand around check-out and check-in times; people expect 3pm lines but it’s a bad experience many times.


We have eliminated the check-in and check-out times. Ivy will proactively message the guest to do check-out via text. Everyone needs to know the Wifi code, water, and restaurants at a hotel. We have an experience and story arc around each use case. Ivy has had 10s of millions of interactions.


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