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Luxury Manhattan Hotel Elevates Guest Experience With Go Moment’s Ivy® Smartconcierge

By 30 May 2019April 28th, 2021No Comments

Ivy opens up personalized service, additional revenue opportunities and boosts guest satisfaction scores through text or voice messaging to automate common tasks and resolve guest requests in seconds 

SANTA MONICA, CA (May 30, 2019) –Go Moment®, the world’s leading provider of real-time artificial intelligence guest communication solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced that they have added the iconic Walker Hotel to their growing list of luxury independent hotel clients.

Located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, Walker Hotel offers guests an authentic NYC hotel experience. The unique property now has even more to offer with the implementation of Go Moments’s smartconcierge Ivy®, the most advanced AI-powered, messaging-based smartconcierge designed to work synergistically with hotel staff to serve as a guest’s single point of contact for their entire stay. Simple transactional asks like more towels, the hotel Wi-Fi password, or borrowing a phone charger and even more complicated ones, like booking dinner reservations or finding show tickets, can be satisfied with record efficiency by the smartconcierge. What used to take a hotel up to eight separate staff members to address can now be handled by Ivy, enabling the hotel to regain as much as 30% of guest service staff-hours.

The smartconcierge solution can also be seen as an amenity and an enhancement to the on-property staff, who may not have time to handle simultaneous guest requests during peak hours. Ivy can do more than just respond to inbound guest inquiries. With hybrid programming and organic intelligence, this unique smartconcierge can proactively anticipate needs by checking on guests and asking them questions that can enhance their stay, avoid guest issues, and deliver up-serve revenue opportunities.

“Exceeding guest expectations is at the heart of our brand promise,” explains the hotel’s Managing Director MarcAnthony Crimi. “By investing in tools to automate time-consuming tasks and manage requests, we can respond faster to more high-value service needs, which is a huge advantage for independent hotels to attract and retain more business. Ivy is the most intuitive and advanced smartconcierge solution, and we are confident that our partnership with Go Moment will empower our staff to focus on increasing sales and creating the memorable guest experiences that our hotel is recognized for.”

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village is a 113-room luxury boutique hotel ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best hotels in New York City. The property’s elegant interior was designed by Andres Escobar & Associates and features metal ceiling tiles, modern light fixtures, bright red wallpaper, and stained glass windows. The guest rooms include flat-screen TVs and custom designed beds and desks made of Makassar ebony. Guests can relax with a cocktail in the on-site bar and lounge, where every Friday and Saturday evening students from the neighboring School of Jazz and Contemporary Music perform live. Society Cafe is a ‘market to table’ restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Christopher Zabita.

“Hotels that are improving the way they communicate and engage with guests by embracing new technologies are leading the pack in service, revenue, and loyalty,” says Raj Singh, CEO of Go Moment. “The real-time gratification provided by Ivy has led guests to use it ten times more than calling for human assistance. The Walker Hotel is a unique and very special property, and we are thrilled to welcome them as a client. We are looking forward to helping them streamline their operations and achieve their goals.”

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About Go Moment™

Ivy®, powered by Go Moment®, is the world’s first smartconcierge for hotels. Ivy brings together human expertise and machine intelligence in a seamless experience for the guest. Via messaging, Ivy answers routine guest questions like “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” in less than one second, reducing calls and disruptions to the hotel staff. Ivy provides conveniences like fulfilling guest requests, booking restaurant reservations, and accessing offers that enhance the guest experience from anywhere, at any time. Ivy has served tens of millions of guests, and she’s often recognized in TripAdvisor reviews for providing exceptional service.


About Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

As a privately operated, family owned hotel, Walker Hotel Greenwich Village is committed to delivering an authentic New York hotel experience with a focus on warm and thoughtful hospitality. The culture within Walker Hotel is an important driver in the quest to become one of the best hotels in NYC and so we turn to our guests for regular feedback on how we can improve. To actually become one of the best hotels in NYC, hotel reviews play a significant role in the effort. TripAdvisor is one of those tools that help hotels gauge their performance. Reviews not only allow guests to determine the best hotel in NYC to stay in, they can directly impact the individuals that are part of our little family.

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village is proud to showcase our most recent reviews on TripAdvisor to help you feel confident about your decision. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 212-375-1300 for more information.


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