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Go Moment partners with FLEXIPASS to implement digital mobile key features in Ivy 

Los Angeles – August 31

Go Moment®, the hospitality tech company that connects hotels and casinos with their guests to deliver unforgettable experiences, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with FLEXIPASS, the award-winning Mobile Key solution for hospitality providers. The tech integration of Mobile Key functionalities ensures hoteliers can provide guests with a highly secure and contactless experience.

“Both of our teams knew that hoteliers today desire solutions that allow their properties to do more with less,” said CEO & Founder Patrick Lomsdalen at FLEXIPASS. “With our leading digital key technology and Ivy, the AI powered digital concierge, we’ve worked together to create a unique solution that caters to their current platform.”

A fully cloud-based solution that allows guests to access their personal digital key in under thirty seconds, FLEXIPASS’s secure solution will be available through Ivy.  The new Mobile Key feature, which includes the digital concierge Ivy allows hoteliers to improve guest satisfaction while simultaneously streamlining operations.

“Our mission at Go Moment is to make a billion people smile. Ivy, our AI powered digital concierge texts with hotel guests to deliver unforgettable experiences. Hotel staff too are thrilled to have Ivy on board since she delivers 60% automation, freeing up their time. Our tech integration with FLEXIPASS is built around the idea of taking the guest experience to new levels,” said Raj Singh, CEO at Go Moment.

For more information about Ivy, the AI powered digital concierge and its industry-leading capabilities, please visit 

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About Go Moment

Go Moment is on a mission to make a billion people smile. We connect the hospitality industry with their guests, delivering unforgettable experiences to both. 

Ivy is an AI powered digital concierge. Guests text Ivy using their own phones. Ivy can understand what they are asking for, how they are feeling, and responds in less than 1 second. Ivy Offer, Ivy Pay, and Ivy Webchat are part of the Ivy Experience Suite.

For more details, please visit Or contact Sanjana Chappalli, VP – Marketing,

About FLEXPASS Keyless Mobile Access

Since the beginning of Digital Mobile Keys, FLEXIPASS has taken a radically different approach when it comes to handling digital keys providing guests access to their room via smartphone within seconds. Focusing on the essentials needs FLEXIPASS provides a WOW experience for guests, accommodation and industry service providers. FLEXIPASS is an expert in mobile keys, providing personalized mobile-access solutions to companies all across the world. We are at the cutting edge of technology, pushing for fast, secure, and simple solutions to improve the guest experience through innovation.  We are dedicated to offering the ultimate convenience and security to both guests and accommodation providers, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of keyless entry innovations. We provide reliable and encrypted solutions, safeguarding your property and your guests. Whatever you’re looking for in keyless entry, we’ll have ideas and input and find the best solution to fit your unique situation. For more information, please visit:

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