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Things we did in 2020: IN THE MOMENT live podcasts

By 22 October 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

Things we did in 2020: IN THE MOMENT live podcasts

Every Thursday since June this year, we’ve been hosting conversations. 

We speak to people in the hospitality industry. We hear stories, tips, tricks, laughter, concern. 

Today, these conversations have grown into two podcasts – Hotel Moment for the hotel industry hosted by Jennifer Suski and Casino Moment for the casino industry hosted by Scott Long

There are 1.5 million podcasts out there already. Why did we feel the need to take that number up by two? 

We started it as a response to the tumultuous times that the hospitality industry experienced in 2020. 

Several people had lost their jobs, several others were scrambling to find the right prospecting tools, tips. Several others just wanted to chat and be part of a community. 

What started as an email list, Hotelier Friends forum, morphed into a Zoom call and then into its current live podcast shows. 

What this is – a live podcast show so listeners get the chance to ask our guests questions and learn from others in the industry just like themselves.

What this isn’t – a lead generation exercise. No sales pitches take place during any episodes.

We’re already in season 2. What else are we going to get to this year?!

[More details of the upcoming guests, past episodes, email lists are here