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Top Hospitality Influencers to Follow

By 12 June 2019April 27th, 2021No Comments

Advanced Hospitality Technologies named Raj Singh, CEO of Go Moment in their list of top 14 influencers to follow for the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Influencers 2019 Raj Singh Go Moment

Here’s an extract from the article.


Travel bloggers are usually the more popular influencers for most people in the leisure, tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors. For hoteliers and professional hospitality service providers travel bloggers and adventurers are not precisely the ideal influencers to follow.

Hospitality professionals are usually inspired by other professionals and business leaders who have already attained great honors in their area of expertise. As I sought through the web looking for hospitality influencers I noticed there were fewer resources available on the subject.

Today, we list 14 of the most impressive influencers making a great difference in the hospitality industry by sharing their knowledge and experiences.


Raj Singh is the CEO of Go Moment, the creators of IVY, the world’s first smart-concierge for hotels. Singh’s company also partners with several tech giants including IBM, Google, and Amadeus.

As a mentor at UCLA Anderson, Singh advises start-ups & venture capitalists. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences where he discusses innovation, AI applications, and smart technologies.

Raj has close to 2 decades of experience working as an entrepreneur, with his expertise acclaimed in the hotel industry. Singh has also developed solutions for SONY, Virgin, and Universal Pictures.

Raj Singh is also known for his articles where he discusses everything his brilliant mind has to offer in the areas of entrepreneurship, art, technology, design, Kaizen, futurism, and much more. He is by far one of the best influencers to follow if you are looking for new innovative technology ideas.


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