Ivy delivers unforgettable experiences. And 400% ROI.

Want a team member who works 24/7?

Meet Ivy, our AI powered digital concierge.

Ivy can handle up to 60% of guest inquiries that come to your front desk – freeing you to handle complex tasks that matter. She adds more room nights on autopilot for you, answers your guests’ questions in less than 1 second and gets emojis when your guests text with her.

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Ivy integrates with several leading tech platforms.

She can be on your team in 2 weeks.

How Ivy works

Ivy texts with your guests – before they check in, when they arrive, during their stay and after they check out.

How does Ivy digital concierge work?

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Ivy will give our guests a point-of-contact at any point during their stay, no matter the hour or location...freeing up our staff to create more meaningful guest experiences.

Bob JacksonCEO, Vintage Hotel Group

Ivy users gave us about 10 points higher satisfaction scores. To get that another way, I’d probably have to double my staff or do something else extraordinary.

Michael MarinoChief Experience Officer, Caesars Entertainment

Ivy has a personality as a member of our team. People always ask to meet her and thank her for her help! Go Moment is the most fun tech product we have worked with.

Nicholas GandossiGeneral Manager, OPUS Vancouver

Guests are already comfortable with text messaging, and Ivy improves this interaction. We selected Ivy because she can check in on guests mid-stay, allowing us to be proactive.

Bill GuelcherCEO, Lake of the Torches Resort Casino

Exceeding guest expectations is at the heart of our brand promise. Tools like Ivy automate time-consuming tasks allowing us to respond faster to more high-value services needs.

MarcAnthony CrimiManaging Director, Walker Hotels

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